Custom Printed Supplies for sports events

Supplying sports event products quickly.

We have a core service supplying custom bespoke medals for everybody, backed up with other great product services such as printed swim caps and custom pop up tents, not forgetting T Shirts, and hoodies printing service.

Customised Products For Sports Events

Outstanding Products Sports Event Products and Services

We supply quality customised products only with high levels of branding process.

Great Product Range for Supporting Sports Events

From Customised Sports Medals to Printed Swimming Caps, we are here to help.

Fast Lead Times, Swim Caps, Bespoke Medals and All Products

We have super fast, this means you wont be waiting around for weeks to get hold of your sports event supplies.


We have fantastic MOQ so if your event is large or small , we can arrange an order thats right for you as your event grows.

Charity Events

We give discounts to ALL Charity Sports Event orders ask and find out more how we can offer a reduction on product services.

Customers International

We ship to most areas of Europe , UK and Ireland depending on order size shipping costs may vary but we aim to service any order.

Customised Branded Products

Our Sports Event Supply Services

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Bespoke Sports Medals

Nothing rewards a participant more than a Bespoke Sports Medal, we have a significant Custom Sports Medal service.They look amazing.

Customised Swimming Caps

Looking for low cost Silicone Swimming Caps , fully customised and branded for any event, with a 7 seven day lead time.


Race Event Signage And Banners

If you require banners or signs of any sorts then way not check out our sign and banner section , helping to promote.Get seen perfect for promotion.

The Start And Finish Line

End Or Start Your Event Properly

Nothing Else looks better than a Start Or Finish Line

We have a great selection of start and finish lines on offer.