10x15 Customised Gazebo

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General Tent Frame

Square aluminum 31mm tube Side Leg (mm)——31×31×1.2 Socle (mm)——26×26×1.2 Cross Tube(mm)——13×13×1.2

Hex Auminum 50mm

Side Leg (mm)——40×40×1.2 Cocle (mm)——35×35×1.2 Cross Tube(mm)——13×25×1.0

Hex Aluminum 40mm

Side Leg (mm)——50×50×1.2 Cocle (mm)——35×35×1.2 Cross Tube(mm)——13×25×1.0


Our Gazebo super-strong frames have an excellent design that is easy to put up, with strong slide joints. It breaks down into easily manageable sections for convenient transportation. 

Frame Features:

The square tent frame is our standard tent frame, while it has two hex tent frames that are better quality ones.

Super tough hexagonal legs provide greater stability than standard square legs, better all-round use, and safety in windy and wet conditions