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Advertising Flags Services in Cornwall

If you’re looking to advertise your  outside your Cornish Shop, Bar, Restaurant or Pub’s Services, Advertising Flags have recently become one of the most popular forms of advertising such businesses here in Cornwall, and we can supply. Advertising flags are also a great promotor for festivals and events which are prominent in Cornwall.If you use discount code Ad15% you will always get 15% off your order, just quote when you order.Contact us HERE

Flags are a great marketing opportunity and are perfect for outdoor advertising. Using an advertising flag is sure to grab your customer’s eye to your business. Advertising flags can also be used to promote products, brands, events, and general exhibitions.

Advertising Flag Styles

Most advertising flags for promotions are now using feather flags in Cornwall. Feather flags are available in varying sizes up to 5 meters. They are cost-effective and have a high impact on their viewers for grabbing attention. Feather flags can easily be assembled with click-poles. They can also come with either a ground spike or a water-filled base for stability. Feather flags look just as they are named – like a feather in shape. Your design can be printed to match on both sides of the flag so that it can be read and seen by customers both coming and going.

Besides the feather flag for outdoor promotion in Cornwall, vendors also have sail flags and teardrop-shaped advertising flags available for advertising purchases. Sail flags have a curved top which creates a sail effect while the bottom of the sail flag is square.

Sail flags are similar in shape to feather flags. Both sail flags and feather flags will have more natural movement in the outdoor wind. Teardrop flags will be more stable with less natural wind movement. Teardrop flags will then have a large rounded top and angled edge to the bottom of the flag, resembling a teardrop.

All styles are approved for outdoor use and durable in their fabric and printing from sun and outdoor weather. Depending on the design you need, one of these three shapes will work well for your Cornwall advertising.

Advertising Flags Pricing

Pricing for advertising flags in Cornwall will vary depending upon the flag size, shape, material, base and amount of printing on the flag. However, you can find online pricing of around £80-£90 Trade shows and bulk pricing is available from some vendors upon request. When shopping for advertising flags in Cornwall, be sure to check if the pole and base are included in the pricing. Some shops charge additional design fees or fees for double-sided printing. These Advertising Flags are perfect for Sports In Cornwall, Running Events, Surf lifesaving Events, Triathlons , Surfing, Cycling Events and many more sporting events to name but a few…

Advertising Flags Company in Cornwall

Advertising flags generally last about 6 to 12 months, depending on the outdoor weather it is exposed to, but with good keeping, they can last up to 3 years. There are multiple vendors available in Cornwall that can supply advertising flags. A quick google search will provide you their names and locations, most of which have positive online reviews. The Teardrop Advertising Flag is the most popular!

To get competitive pricing, it is a good idea to contact a few Cornwall flag vendors and compare product quality and pricing before ordering. If you live nearby, you can also find a service that can help you in your design personally rather than on online design submission.