Wooden sports medals service

If you require Wooden Sports Medal services we can supply, the production time is around 3 weeks.

Contents Of Information Regarding Bespoke Medals

General Bespoke Medal Information

Wooden Sports Medals

Race finishers wooden medals

Wooden sports medals and lead times

Wooden Sports Medal Bags

Goodie bags and the events

We offer a great wooden sports medals service, this type of ECO sports medal are becoming way more popular every day, with the ethical tag on them, wooden sports medals are highly bespoke, they are perfect for all events, run races, swimming events, long-distance events, mass participation events, triathlon events, iron man, open water swimming, and races, duathlon events, and many other events and races in the sports world.

Wooden sports medals

We offer a great selection of customised ribbons alongside the medal its self, using any colour scheme, these look great on wooden sports medals, and around participants necks, they are made from polyester, silk material and therefore have a silky finish to them. We do have other medals are worth considering as they look great and come with a nice looking ribbon, the ribbon is custom, and can have many styles along with colors and styles.

Race finishers wooden medals

As a participant of an event comes over the finish line the wooden sports medal or any medal, in fact,  is a great reward for the final push over the line, participants love them. Its the main finish that’s the important issue, once the finisher comes over the line the medal is then placed around the participant’s neck, then a big smile on the face comes out!

Wooden sports medals and lead times

We only take several weeks to get the medals finished, yes a short amount of time they are then shipped out to over 15 areas across Europe or even simply just the UK, and express to at no extra cost. These are medals that have been created using a laser, and the machine will be quick, this huge fast construction process is often a very quick and effective process. Wooden Sports Medal Bags

Wooden sports medals bags once the bespoke medals have been put together,  and packed up they are then shipped out to the main places quickly, they may have been a place of just one venue, or several. If the event is at a venue its often a quick process to get them packaged up and shipped out ready for use at the event, we don’t waste time.

Goodie bags and the events

Once bespoke medals have been put together and created and then shipped its then time to get them into goodie bags by the organizers, the goodie bag is a favorite thing to receive, nothing better than opening your goodie bag and receiving a free medal, t-shirt, or drinks bottle, these are a favorite thing for taking part.

Other custom bespoke sports medals

Set aside from medals that are wooden we also have the standard sports medals, any design these can be a great prize also to the finisher, they are often very colorful, these are placed into goodie bags also but mainly they are given out to lucky peeps as they cross the line. The other material used in producing sports medals is metal type. The most popular are enameled-medals which are very colorful, they look great, or part enameled-medals these also look great. and finally the NON-enameled-medals these look really nice also.

What Bespoke Medals Look Like

They look great and are fully ready to keep, and keeping a customised medal as the year’s tick by is a great way to remember your efforts if you have taken part in an event, like running the London triathlon for example, during the event the thought of a medal keeps people going and thoughts of this get them over the finish line.