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We supply a wide range of Custom Medal services across the UK. We have a large range of Custom Medal and Bespoke Medal types. Stacking Medals Gold Medals Interlocking Sports Medals Enamelled Medals Contrast Coloured MedalsSilicone Kids MedalsColour Sprayed Medals Segment Medals

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Bespoke Medals

We offer a great range of services in Bespoke Medals, Bespoke Sports Medal make an event, 5k, 10 k running medals, Triathlon Events, Open Water Swim Events, Mass participation events.

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FAQs About Bespoke Medals

One of our core services is to provide Bespoke Sports Medals for events across the UK and Europe

A Bespoke Sports Medal is something quite special, it’s better than an off the self Medal.They can be created and shaped into almost any style , brand or shape.

Bespoke Medals are made from metal, zinc alloy, copper, the weight is nice and the product feels quality when picked up. Die Casting+polish+plating methods are also used to create a great looking medal for any event.

The most popular sized Medals are 50mm, 60mm, 70mm Bespoke Medals, or in-fact any sized shape can take place or be produced:

Yes, we offer a FREE custom ribbon service, we offer a custom ribbon service with every Bespoke Medal order.

A Bespoke Medal is a metal or wooden medal that can be created in any shape, the size and design is totally unique.

An Enamelled Medal is a totally Bespoke style of sports medal, mostly with a partial or fully coloured enamelling. These Bespoke Medals are ideal for realising your choice designs. 

A custom Medal is a totally Bespoke Sports Medal  created from a mould which is then polished by had to create an amazing looking medal effect.

The Bespoke Medal order normally takes around 3 weeks to complete.Door to Door with Sports Event Supply.com.The fastest lead times can be arranged.

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