Classic Silicone Swimming Caps

Classic Silicone Caps are the higher spec Swim Caps, they are 50g thicker than the Super Soft Swimming Cap.The Customised Classic Silicone 50g is a high grade silicone swimming cap thats perfect for swim teams, triathlon clubs, along with any sport’s event that wants a higher quality swimming cap.


Customised Classic Silicone

The Customised Classic Silicone is perfect for printing, although a great open water swimming cap, its a higher grade of cap, at 50g its perfect for swim teams.


MOQ 25 Units

Our MOQ for ordering swim caps is 25 units, we can however take this order up to 10,000 units and more, lead times maybe effected as order vol goes up.

iswam-V2Bright Orange

All Swimming Caps Colours

We have All Swimming Caps Colours on offer, please inquire or view our swimming cap colour range.Printing can be carried out well on the classic cap with up-to 6 colours.

Printed Custom Swimming Caps services for ALL events and clubs