Custom Wood Medals and Awards

We supply custom wood medals and awards

Custom Wood Medals Services

Are you looking for custom wood medals for an event on Cornwall, or further a field across the UK? We can ship our custom wood medals and awards anywhere across the UK.

Medals made from wood to order 

Their laser-cut plywood material and personalized text make them a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic medals.

And besides being an eco-friendly alternative to plastic medals, these are a lot more than just medals. You will treasure these wooden medals for a lifetime.

It is important to be proud of your medals for every event. The medals pictured here accomplish this.

Custom Wood Awards

These eco-friendly medals can be customised however you wish by our lasers. You can use them for sports, competitions, or events you run, and they are exclusive to you. Honor your finishers and give them something to remember.

Custom Wood Made Awards

We offer bespoke wooden awards at Sports Event Supply. The awards will capture the essence of your event beautifully. We produce thoughtful and inspiring custom awards for your event or award ceremony. 

All of the wood we use is sustainably sourced, and our finishes, textures, and colours are custom designed to fit your brand and ceremony.
High-quality results can be achieved through machining, turning, and carving intricate profiles.