Feather Flags For Sports Events

Feather Flags are a great way of getting your event out and about, mark out your route, mark out the finish, and start areas.


Standard Sailflag (3.2m)


Long Sailflag (4.2m)


XL Sailflag (5.2m)

Sports Event Feather Flags

Qs Can you customise the size of display flags?

A – We offer more than 50 display flag templates for you to select from. Or send us the specific sizes of hardware, we can also make the customised display flag to suit it.

Qs Can you make the opaque display flag?

A: Yes, we will sew an interlayer to increase the thickness of the display flag, there are 2 different interlayer fabrics for choice.We have a great supply of Flag types on offer here at Sports Event Supply , providing events the best looking Flags money can buy

Feather Flag Info

Q: How long does the flagpole last?

A- With super Premier frame with high performance, like aluminum tubes, fiber glass and fiber reinforce plastics poles are used. The life of a flagpole depends on where it is used. The flagpole has a warranty of at least 6 months.

Q- How do you pack the display flag? How about the size of the bag?

A: We will use a O.P.P bag and P-V-C bag of different sizes for packaging to fit your needs. Flags are great and any Sports Event , Perfect for route layout  or start and finish lines.