We supply Printed Swimming Caps for open water events, triathlons and sea swim events, with the most popular swimming caps a super Soft Silicone 30g cap. Bright colours are a popular cap to supply often with just a 7 day lead time. If your looking for a club cap or team then consider a Classic Silicone Swim Cap.

Amphibian-V1Bright Pink

One Colour Print Customised Swim Caps

Using a one colour print is the most cost effective method for keeping costs down.


MOQ 25 Units - No Order To Big

We can produce any sized order, our swimming cap production service can ship across UK and Europe if required.

London Aqua-tion Swimming Caps v-01

30 Silicone Swim Caps

The super soft silicone swim cap is the cheapest option for open water sports events.

Looking for custom printed swimming caps Any Swim Cap Colour

High Vis Swim Caps, fully customised for any event.Two main swimming caps choices to choose from, we have a fast standard two week lead time.

The slightly more expensive 50g Classic Silicone Swim Cap, is also perfect for printing on , but is just that little bit stronger.If your looking for a longer , stronger swimming cap choose a 50g cap.

The low cost 30g Super Soft Silicone Cap is perfect if you are on a tight budget, these caps are great quality and perfect to be printed on.

Perfect for any sporting event , a low cost 30g swimming cap thats perfect for any open water event.You can find out more here.

Great for all events and clubs, which you can see here is a top end swimming cap, a longer lasting swimming cap.

Spread your event name with a Custom Cap

Order Steps

Send us your Art Work- from this point onwards general lead times are 14 days, however an express service is 7 days! 

Swim Cap Mock UP

You then simply approve your swim cap mock up , we then draft a pre pay invoice. Lead times can vary slightly – our normal standard lead time is around 14 days, but we can express an order in as little as 7 days.

You may be holding an event , this might be an Open water event or a Triathlon .
A Customised Swim Cap really makes your event, not only will it showcase your swim or triathlon in its best possible light it can but it will add much greater safety to your event! Once you have sent over your swim cap art work , we can then create a swim cap mock up, these offer a great insight as to how your cap will look. Once payment has been received we then proceed to production, with average lead times no less than 14 days, but also an express service of 7 days on offer.

Types Of Swimming Caps

In the world of Open Water Swimming Events Or Triathlon Events Personalised Swimming Hats are now particularly important. They should be of a bright colour as its the swimmers head that’s the only part of the body that can be seen , and if you have a mass participation event safely is of the up most importance, Silicone Swimming Caps are best, we offer a Super Soft Silicone Swimming Cap and a slightly thicker Silicone Classic Swimming Cap. We have 10yrs experience in the Customised Swimming Caps industry.

Value Swimming Caps

Once you have invested in Swimming hats they often offer long-term promotion as your brand race or event identity will live on until the following year. Many Swimming Or Triathlon Events use sponsors to help pay for the Swimming Caps and we offer build discounts on larger orders, with Swimming Caps  from as little as £1.25 printed both sides depending on size orders. We have many free swimming caps services, why not drop us a line and see what we can do for you today! Other printed garments that are very often ordered are printed T shirts and Hoodies  


Choose different coloured swim caps, any mix and match

The Classic 50g

The Classic swim Cap is very long lasting swimming cap, 50g in weight, a light shine to its surface. If your looking for a swimming cap thats going to last then this is the cap for you.