Custom Sports Events T Shirts & Hoodies

The perfect give away to promote your brand at events is the T shirt or Hoodie, customised and branded

Classic White T Shirt

Classic Navy T Shirt

Classic Black T Shirt

Custom Event T shirts

Spread your event name with a simple branded T Shirt or Hoodie

Standard Cotton

Budget Cotton

Low Cost Event Goodie Bag T Shirt

We supply the perfect low cost T Shirt.Everybody loves a FREE T Shirt, we offer a low cost solution to any event organiser looking for a great deal.


And what best but to supply your participants with a great looking Hoodie. We also have a great range in customised marshal vests ,supply your helping hands with bright customised vests!

Screen Printing Service

Once you have your design sorted we take over and deal with the rest, ordering starts as low as 25 units, so if your event is just starting out you can still Guarantee getting those T Shirts out to your participants!

Top 3 Sports Event Garments

Here at Sports Event Supply we offer the BIG 3 -Printed T shirts , Customised Hoodies , Printed Marshall Vests perfect for any Sports Event, and all at low prices.

Extra Garment Services

We offer an exciting range to choose from all fully customisable to suit your sporting requirements. And if you want to stretch that little further with your budget then why not go for our embroider service.

Custom High Vis Clothing

We offer customised High Vis clothing services.

Low Cost T Shirts

Customised T Shirt Production

Branded Low Cost Hoodie

Fully Branded Hoodies