Bespoke and Custom Sports Medal Service – Here at Sports Event Supply we can offer a wide selection of Medals for your sporting event heroes, all at low prices , and if you wish customised with your own logo choice.Looking for Medals or Trophies We offer a full Medal Custom Service, any Medal converted into a great looking Medal.Looking for Customised Medals, if yes come to the correct section, we have a large selection of services.

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Our amazing Bespoke medals services are perfect for any event, Virtual events, running events, open water swimming events, triathlon events to name but a few.

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Our sport medal customisation service allows us to create any style asked for, creative styles and designs with any shape you require.

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Looking for a super colourful sports medal? with our bespoke medal services its possible to have any colour you wish.

Custom Medals Production Process

From start to finish we look after you and your sports medal construction

Step 1

You send us your logo and medal specification, we then design and send an artwork proof to you back for your approval.

Step 2

Once we have received your confirmation of the artwork proof, we will proceed to the production process. 

Step 3

We use the mould to create perfectly semi-finished medal product we then send them to polishing - plating - attachment fixing - ink colour injection -inspection - packing and then shipping to you via DHL.

Step 4

You see your participants with very happy faces, and a great looking customised sports medal around there neck!

Choose from our custom sports medal selection

Personalised Embossed Medals

You will find many of our sports embossed personalise medals and your own logo medals can be personalise with very high-quality engraving or in-fact printed logo that will perfectly meet all your medal event needs.

Suitable Medal Selection

Here at Sports Event you’ll find something suitable within our range for every event. Our low priced medals, with your logo, and printed ribbons are perfect for 5k Runs, 10k Runs and Marathons, Triathlons and Open Water Swimming Events. ARTWORK INFO HERE

Reward Your Participants

Choose From a Great Selection Of Customised Medals! Get your event fully customised sports Medals , in a very quick 2 week lead time.

Why choose a custom sports medal?

Taking part in any sports event may demand training and commitment, running events, marathons, open water swimming events, triathlons, extreme events, rugby , football or any team events.At the end of any sports event receiving a medal can be the highly of all that training!

Looking for custom wooden medals?

A hand crafted wooden sports medal can be a great change to the standard medal. Pop over to our Wooden Medal section.Any shape can be provided and we are certain to supply the best customer service.

Size Options 25mm wide An all-round solution that is suitable for ANY size of Custom Medal 38mm wide A more heavy-duty option most suited to our larger medals, 60mm and above."